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Membership Management Systems

If you have a grassroots non-profit that is working to affect change, your organization most likely has members. Consequently, you need to manage their membership records. If you are like most, you are trying to do this using a basic spreadsheet. If so, then know that you are struggling with this task because a spreadsheet simply doesn’t do what you need it to do. What you need is a Membership Management System (MMS).

A Membership Management System lets people join your organization online, pay dues instantly, set their personal account options and renew when their membership term is up.

Most important, our membership systems let you communicate with your members via email, text message, text-to-speech or even a recorded message that you create on your phone (or computer) then upload and send as a robocall. If you need to get people out to your meeting, rally or similar event, the ability to communicate these alerts is essential.

Volunteer Management Systems

Volunteers are the backbone of a non-profit, but without the right tools, it is impossible to manage them. They may have signed up for a particular job or project, but how do you communicate with them about project meetings or other events?

If you use a spreadsheet, all you probably have is an email address. Well, only 1 in 4 will open a given email. Then there are those who unsubscribe or need to update the address they have on file with you. How do you manage?

With a Volunteer Management System, volunteers can update their own records. Most important, they can sign up online, which requires them to enter their phone number as well as their email address. Our systems allow you to send your message to a specific group (or all) via email, but simultaneously via text message. If the volunteer provided a landline instead of a cell phone, the system will place a voice call and read your message to them!

Our Services and Price Guidelines

As we’re sure you can see from our own website, we are not exactly graphic designers. Instead, our strength is in website functionality. Our membership and volunteer management systems use an industry standard dashboard interface that is simple, clean, organized and uncluttered. We believe these attributes are most important when you have a job to do and especially when the people tasked with that job don’t have the strongest computer skills.

Our Membership Management Systems (MMS) and Volunteer Management Systems (VMS) are designed to run on the web so your members, volunteers and administrators all have 24x7 access and all changes in data are immediate. These systems run on a Windows server (.Net 8) and typically on a separate domain. We can provide this for you, or we’ll use yours if you already have a Windows hosting service provider.

If you’ve looked at other providers you’ve likely noticed that on average, they cost roughly $15 - $17 per member per year. With our systems, your cost (if you qualify for our deepest discount) is under $2 per member per year. (Text messaging and robocalling are additional fees and typically run about another $1 per year.)

Campione Web Developers is located in Dumont, NJ but can deploy your .Net application anywhere in the world. For a detailed quote, please Contact Us.

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